Customer Service Advisor

Title: Customer Service Adviser. Location: London, W1T 3PZ,  Contract: Permanent – Full time

Salary: Competitive + Bonuses. Department: Head Office.  Reporting to: Operations Manager

About the Role:

On a day-to-day basis, customer service advisors are likely to be required to deal with a variety of customer requests and Courier Bookings. They will work over the phones, or by email, it is essential for customer service advisers to have great communication skills, be problem solvers, and to enjoy interacting with other people on a regular basis. Customer service advisers are increasingly required to work across a number of different channels, from the phone right through to social media and instant chat, and having excellent written communication skills is very important.

Key responsibilities:

  • Good telephone manner, including clear speech, the ability to understand people with speech impediments and unusual accents, and excellent manners.
  • Persuasiveness, with the ability to soothe unhappy customers and to persuade them to retain services or make further purchases.
  • Administration, for note taking, report writing and keeping track of multiple tasks at once.
  • I.T., for interacting with call handling technology, databases and other computer software, plus the ability to adapt quickly to new systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of the area the business deals with and the ability to absorb new information quickly to keep up with changes.
  • Skills needed:
  • Being computer literate and able to handle customer queries
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Being professional and flexible
  • Managing multiple tasks
  • Meeting targets
  • Administration and organisation
  • Being sales oriented


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