Environmental Policy

RUSH takes their responsibilities to the environment very seriously, and we recognise the business need to do more to help protect the environment.

Please see below for some of our energy efficiency and sustainability projects:

  • All our offices are equipped with personal computers and flat screen monitors that comply with the EU laws on low emissions.
  • As a technology focused company, we try to operate as “paper-less” as possible.
  • Paper wastage that is generated is recycled and collection dates kept to a minimum.
  • Our purchasing policy is monthly, meaning that all our annual purchasing needs are limited to no more than 12 deliveries per office per annum.
  • We have invested in security systems that do not require our offices to be lit 24 hours a day except for emergency exit lighting.
  • All staff are regularly reminded to be conscious not to waste water or electricity with a SWITCH OFF policy in place.

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