Guide to Labelling Freight

Our APC Overnight network partners have highlighted the fact that there are a large number of consignments presented to their Hub sortation centre in Cannock with varying degrees of problematic issues regarding labelling.

We are sure everyone has used the self-checkouts at supermarkets and got frustrated with the amount of times you present the goods to the scanner; well just imagine your item amongst 120K other consignments and being scanned at a high speed rate on the main parcel sorting machine. If your label is not in the correct ‘readable position’ then it will get rejected and then has to be hand sorted and thus subjected to delays and / or being routed incorrectly.

Whenever you use old boxes/packages that have been used before and consequently have old labels on them, it’s very important to ‘void’ the label. The best way to do this is either to remove the label or cover the barcode completely with a marker or address label. Simply putting a line through the barcode isn’t sufficient as by doing so, it will cause an issue when your item is being automatically scanned.

Don’t think that because a mislabelled parcel may eventually arrive, the need for correct labelling isn’t crucial; here are some reasons why correct labelling is an important part of sending your next parcel….download full pdf