Passport and Visa Corporate Services

You don’t have to join a Club or pay extra to be a VIP, but if you are a corporate customer….

At RUSH we believe everyone is a VIP and you should receive our very best attention at all times. However, we offer a slightly different service for our corporate customers, which require different attention.

Our ethos is to provide highly trained, dedicated teams and an individual service for all our clients. We don’t charge extra fees for the service you expect as standard.

Communication is of utmost importance in our service provision. Personal contact and e-mail updates at all stages of your application are part of our standard service at no extra charge.

We also provide an opportunity for you to tailor your order to your specific needs. We have a range of products that enhance our service should you require them.

We understand you may wish to speed an application through its process, time constraints may dictate delegation of the form filling or other tasks.  To smooth the path of your application Same Day Deliveries of Documents, Same Day Lodging and an Early PO Box are all products available to complement our service. These services are charged at standard rates, we understand our clients’ need for a cost effective solution.

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